Submission Guidelines

We at βeta Fish Magazine believe that a community begins when its readers become content creators. Because of this, we urge you all to contribute, both through discussion and original media.

Unless otherwise noted, please email submissions to us at We promise to respond and post appropriate content in a timely manner.

If possible, please provide a photograph or video that you have taken or have written permission to use to accompany a written submission. Length is always negotiable with larger projects.

News: News articles must be relevant to the Ohio University main campus and/or Athens, Ohio. They can cover anything regarding nerd culture, including science, technology, gaming and other related fields, as well as local events, people and groups revolving around these topics. They must uphold the values of journalism and strive to be professional, balanced and fair. Please keep the length to less than 1000 words for text or 8 minutes for film and write in third-person.

Blog: Blog posts are not topically limited to the Athens area, although a local aspect is always appreciated. They can cover a wide variety of topics — anything that relates to commentary on nerd culture, really. Though these posts are more opinionated and casual than news articles, please keep your language clean of profanities, insults or derogatory terminology. Blog posts must be less than 600 words and can be written from any perspective. Video blogs are accepted, but must be kept to less than 5 minutes. To become a regular blog contributor, contact Helen Cothrel at

Reviews: Reviews are personal, professional reflections on a recent event relating to nerd culture. These are not limited to local topics, but can range from games to movies to lectures to conferences. Opinions must be supported with details from the event. Written reviews must be less than 600 words, and video reviews must be less than 3 minutes. This section falls under the jurisdiction of the blog, so first-person is accepted.

Creative Submissions: Creative submissions are open to all readers and writers of the magazine. Photographs and other still graphics should be no smaller than 500 pixels by 500 pixels. Video should be no longer than 8 minutes. Longer works of text can be broken into multiple posts of 2000 words each but should be submitted as a whole piece with this desire expressed. Submissions should be sent to Jules Coleman at (*This section is not a form of free advertisement for people who sell their work).

General Multimedia: Multimedia submissions are definitely encouraged, even though they do not have their own section of the site. Please tell us what section (news or blog) you think best defines your submission, but the editors will have the final call. Always do your best to be courteous with your language and topics, even with opinionated pieces. Photographs and other still graphics should be no smaller than 500 pixels by 500 pixels. Video should be no longer than 8 minutes.



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