Creative Writing Workshops

The Creative Writing Workshops at Beta Fish offer an opportunity for aspiring writers/poets, or anyone who has something they, in particular, feel they might want to share and see posted online. The workshops entail bringing something in and reading it aloud. I say, “read”, because prose and poetry are what people tend to bring in. This by no means limits you to just writing, as creative submissions can include visual and audio arts as well. See our Submission Guidelines for more details.

During workshops, other members will then offer their feedback. While we encourage writers at Beta Fish to take feedback into account, we by no means wish to pressure people to write a certain way.

That being said, I will relate that there are certain provisions made for gratuitous obscenity and subject manner that would, perhaps, offer an averse perception of Beta Fish. In other words, this is a college organization so swearing and gritty scenes are permissible, but only if they make good sense. Other than that, we have no other real criteria as far as subject manner, settings, themes, etc. Nor do we expect a certain “quota” from our writers each semester, however, we’d love to reach a goal of at least two submissions per month.

I encourage people to have fun with this and do whatever they see fit. If you have hesitation about submitting something, let me just say that any submission to the website, even if it needs some editing, will nonetheless be greatly appreciated.

For more info on our upcoming creative writing workshops, contact Conor Fogarty (CJ) at



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