Behind the Name

A Google search for our magazine may lead you to sites dedicated to the betta fish. Why, exactly, have we chosen to align ourselves with this creature, much less with such a glaring misspelling?

When developing an image for this magazine, we knew we wanted to incorporate something into the name that would reflect all micro-demographics within the nerd population, something that would be neither discriminatory nor limiting. A trait that we believed reflected most nerds is the “loner” stereotype (which we think is more a combination of introversion and passion for non-mainstream topics), so we looked to the animal kingdom for solitary creatures. Being a nerd, we wanted to convey, is not a bad thing, so we chose the aggressively fierce betta fish, which pet stores isolate from one another for their own protection. Nerds, like betta fish, might tend to be more solitary, but that is merely a product of their passion.

After deciding on thisflub5 small animal as a mascot, we decided we could spin the name to fit the nerd stereotype even more with a misspelling: “BETA Fish.” The Greek letter β (beta) is used throughout mathematics and the sciences as a variable or constant. It is also used when referring to gaming — “beta testing” — among other relevant uses.

Thus the name was born. Beta Fish.

Over the years, we have come to realize that Beta Fish doesn’t need to appeal to one fandom or even one niche but many. We work to cultivate a culture of free expression and advancement, giving college kids a constructive outlet in which to display their talents or, simply, a supportive social atmosphere to simply hang-out after class. In the future, we hope to expand Beta Fish and bring people together all with the fun and charm that makes Beta Fish unique.


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