Do Something. Write. Have Fun. Wear a seatbelt. Don’t write while driving though.

By Jacob Nienaber

Have you ever been writing that perfect poem The most marvelous piece ever constructed Then you get to the end and feel oh so dumb You realize the whole thing is busted

The rhyme scheme is off
The theme is about jerking off
And you rhymed off with off… with off It’s a piece of trash

The word choice is pedantic
The format is a catastrophe
The audience knows it’s a calamity But still, to you, it has a little magic

Writing takes up too much time Requires too much effort Having to look up a rhyme
Or when trying to be clever

You look at the paper and decide it’s awful before throwing it out

What’s the point?
A point guard is a position in basketball But that really wasn’t the question at all …So yeah… let’s just stall…

And then move on
Why not just say ‘fuck it’?
Your work will probably be forgotten when you kick the bucket Unless the paper turned to gold when your pen struck it

My pen strikes forge forced rhymes and whiney rambling Anyways, I guess the point guard is expressing yourself It’s not about rhyming, or the format, or any of that
It’s about sharing your thoughts and feelings

I mean sure… I could just talk to people… but that can so annoying
Isn’t it more normal to lock yourself away from civilization in a dark room and write? It’d say… Maybe
Probably Maybe…



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