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Video Spotlight: CGPGrey

Most people have only a nebulous idea of exactly how the electoral college works, or what the European Union is. CGPGrey clears things up a bit by using handy infographics and a wry sense of humor to get his point across.

CGPGrey’s best videos are the ones that explain the ins and outs of various different countries and international agreements, with all of their absurd complexities. For example, did you know that the border between the United States and Canada is not, in fact, a perfectly straight line? It actually zigzags all over the place, because early surveyors weren’t able to place the border markers completely straight. What’s more, the border is also marked by a 20-foot wide deforested area, which makes it abundantly clear whose side is whose, and has the additional quality of looking completely ridiculous.

The absurdity of situations like this are not lost on CGPGrey, whose narration is full of dry wit. Often, CGPGrey starts making a diagram of some sort near the beginning of his video, and it becomes increasingly cluttered as time goes on, illustrating just how complicated borders and political situations can be. As things spiral out of control, CGPGrey narrates in a deadpan voice and points out every little idiosyncrasy. And believe me, some things are way more complicated than you might think.

In addition to videos about borders and international relations, CGPGrey has also done videos on various electoral processes, like how to become Pope, or on systems of voting other than the USA’s first-past-the-post system. Another interesting video of his is the one about pennies. You may not have thought about it before, but pennies actually cost so much to make and are so inconvenient to use that thy end up costing the US more money each year than they’re worth. Lots of other interesting topics are discussed as well.

So, next time you want a complicated system explained to you in a simple manner, just hit up CGPGrey. You’ll probably learn more than you ever thought you needed to know about the election process for the Duke of Quebec, or something like that.



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