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Video Spotlight: Vsauce

By Logan Conrad

Michael Stevens is the creator of one of the best science video series on Youtube, Vsauce. Have you ever wanted to know if you can own the Moon, or why we clap our hands when we want to show approval? Michael’s got you covered.

Vsauce is all about explaining science in a way that is both entertaining and makes you think about what you’ve learned. Michael likes to wax eloquent on the philosophical implications of his topic, rather than just giving out the hard science. Do we truly all see the same colors? Is it technically possible to truly touch another person? There may not be hard answers to these questions, but they’re certainly food for thought.

The show has an interesting stream-of-consciousness approach. The videos rarely stay on a single topic; rather, Michael talks about one topic for a couple minutes, and then abruptly segues into another topic that’s only vaguely related to the previous one. However, he does this so masterfully that it’s easy to not even notice, and all of his tangents come to fall under the same general topic by the end.

Vsauce is also great to use as a springboard for finding interesting topics. Each video is exhaustively sourced, so if a particular video piques your interest, you can easily find out more on the subject by clicking on the links in the description. These can be other videos, channels, websites, interactive applications, or whatever else might be relevant to the video.

So check out vsauce the next tVme you’re in a sciencey mood. It’s a no-brainer–or, is it?


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