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Video Spotlight: Vlogbrothers

By Logan Conrad

Welcome to the inaugural post of my new blog, where I will routinely discuss a new YouTube channel or other online video series. Today, I would like to share with you John and Hank Green’s channel, Vlogbrothers.

Each week, two videos are posted on the channel, one from John, and one from Hank. Topics are very diverse, and can be anything from joking about popular fiction to discussing the revolution in Egypt. The seriousness of the subject matter varies quite a bit, but they always have something thoughtful to say. What makes the Vlogbrothers special is the tomfoolery that can be found in each video; John and Hank have a thoughtful, yet silly senses of humor that allows them to discuss serious issues in a way that makes them accessible, but doesn’t come off as inappropriate or offensive. Then, there’s just wacky stuff, like interviewing the sidewalk and singing about anglerfish. With both of them being over 30, they remind us that you’re never too old to goof off and act like an exuberant kid. When they do talk about something more serious, they show us that discussions about world news or politics don’t have to be dour and antagonistic if you don’t want them to be.

Hank is the more scientifically and environmentally minded of the two, as well as being more stereotypically nerdy; he typically talks about new scientific breakthroughs or being environmentally friendly, in addition to just talking about books and TV shows and writing funny songs. John, the older one, has more of a liberal arts background, and tends to talk about history, current events, and literature. One viewer describes John as “your cool uncle,” and Hank as “your hot cousin.” Uncomfortable incestuous notions aside, this is certainly the image they portray.

Getting into the Vlogbrothers as a new viewer can be difficult, as there are so many inside jokes that a new viewer will easily get lost; it’s not uncommon to run into a line like “Hello, Nerdfighters! Today the Yeti told me she saw a puppy-sized elephant at the evil-baby orphanage. In your pants!” However, you can get caught up on the jokes by Googling them or watching their old videos. I only started watching about two months ago, and I’m already up to speed.

In addition to vlogbrothers, the brothers are also involved in other channels, most notably Scishow and Crashcourse, both of which are deserving of their own blog post later down the line. John Green is also a published author of young adult novels, including the recent New York Times bestseller, The Fault in Our Stars.


8 thoughts on “Video Spotlight: Vlogbrothers

  1. I love that you started with the Vlogbrothers! Hank and John have done so much for the vlogging scene, and they’re both incredible people and wonderful artists. I’m also really happy that you’re planning on coming back to SciShow and Crash Course, because I swear I have learned more from those two shows than I did from some classes in high school. Great job and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    Also, I laughed out loud at “Hello, Nerdfighters! Today the Yeti told me she saw a puppy-sized elephant at the evil-baby orphanage. In your pants!” The only thing that could have made this sentence better would have been the addition of “French the llama!”

  2. Are you familiar with Ze Frank? He’s friends with Hank apparently, does web shows in a (vaguely) similar style, and is crazy smart. I think his original webshow was back in 2006-2007, but he’s been releasing new content for the past year.


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