Iron Man 3 Might Just Be Crazy Enough To Work

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 hit theaters recently, and no one was more excited, yet somewhat apprehensive, for its release than me. After the brilliant telling of the origin story in the first film and the somewhat disappointing plot of the second, there were many that doubted that this movie could be anything more than two hours of loose plot with a super-crazy-giant-robot battle tying it all together at the end. So why, then, did Marvel’s first installation of “Phase Two” top the box office with $175 million in its opening weekend? While this result may be nothing more than a piggyback off of Marvel’s previous, “America’s Next Top Boy Band Ultra Popularity Extravaganza” release known as The Avengers, it can be said that what truly captivated comic book enthusiasts was the successful compilation of many of the Iron Man series’ best arcs, including “Extremis” and “Execute Program”.


Much like the movie, “Extremis” follows the creation of an biological enhancer known as Extremis that is prematurely released into the hands of a terrorist organization, causing problems for Tony Stark when he is beaten within an inch of his life by an Extremis-enhanced soldier. Tony is forced to inject himself with an altered version of the enhancile which allows him to control technology with his mind, making he and Iron Man truly the same entity. Following “Extremis” is “Execute Program”, an arc which features Tony Stark as he tries to make the best of his new powers by creating an arsenal of Iron Man suits, all controlled by his own mind. This all may sound slightly familiar to those who have seen the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie, then what are you doing reading this article? Go see it. It’s great. You’ll love it.

LEGO Iron Man 3 - 001

Oh yeah, and the movie is all stop motion Lego. 

Iron Man 3 picks up several months after the events of The Avengers, in which we saw Tony Stark narrowly escape death during the invasion of the Chitauri. Now, we see Tony Stark suffering from severe anxiety attacks as he recollects these traumatic experiences, from which his only escape is tinkering in his totally cool science lab. I won’t ruin the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it (seriously though, go see it, it’s pretty darn cool), but I will say that Tony Stark, after building forty-two iron (actually gold-titanium alloy) suits, is ripped away from from his technology and forced to develop as a character, something we’ve been waiting three whole movies for. Throughout the movie, he faces Extremis-enhanced soldiers, evil masterminds, and very angry women, all of which put his wits to the test. Of course, for those of you who need it, there is indeed a giant-crazy-robot battle royale, featuring surprising twists. Plus, it’s just really super cool to watch. It even has character development WITHIN THE FIGHT! What’s not to love?

Iron Man 3 gives new fans everything that has been expected of a Marvel movie, while still staying true to the loyal fans of comic books. It’s a perfect blend of comic book coolness and more fresh surprises than a Nestle´ Wonder Ball.

Description unavailable

You won’t find movie magic in here!

It’s the best. It’s the bee’s knees. You know, iron-clad bees with superpowered knees. It’s a must-see, great start to Marvel’s “Phase Two”.



One thought on “Iron Man 3 Might Just Be Crazy Enough To Work

  1. I watched Iron Man 3 because I have a soft spot for super heroes and I liked the previous ones, too. However, I must say I wasn’t too convinced. The biggest problem: Lack of plot and story development. Instead, too many things getting blown up randomly, too many unmotivated and disconnected story elements. Among those, the Extremis people, with no attempt to make them at least a bit plausible, and the rather unsurprising (i.e. expectable) Mandarin “surprise.”
    What I liked about it were small things, little moments, etc., such as how the iron man suit would assemble itself on Tony Stark in the most fragmented and dysfunctional way, or his random anxiety attacks..
    What I liked the best: The matter-of-fact way the War on Terror was shown as commodified, just as any other product of the gigantic exchange value production machine… Not too far off reality, given its economic value, the drone war, and the infinite time horizon of the War on Terror.


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