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Bleep Bloop: Duck Hunt Dance and the Best Mixes Ever

So last week month  time on Bleep Bloop I said the next installment would be a PLAYlist for League of Legends. Dangerously tall stacks of sticky notes with crazy titles like “Rengar’s theme song” threaten to topple and bury my desk. But even so, I”ll have to get to that one later.

Instead, I’d like to get you all pumped up.

Many artists take inspiration from video games, even if the music isn’t directly related. That’s the case with Hybu and the “Duck Hunt EP.”

Hybu Duck Hunt EP

As you can tell, a few minute changes to the cartridge design make it EP cover art. Hybu replaces Nintendo, and “Bass Music System” appears where “Entertainment System” previously resided. Hybu is a French producer enmeshed in the UK world of Underground, Garage and Grime. When I saw this EP from Slime Recordings, I had to click through to see if he had cooked up some crazy Duck Hunt drum n’ bass remixes. He didn’t.

What Hybu DID do is deftly interweave bleeps and bloops (heh) over some tropical dnb riddims for a minimal yet energizingly ravey piece of art. As per the genre and medium, the rest of the tracks on the EP are remixes by other artists.



These next few aren’t emulating a video game per se. The inspiration for the Blood Bros series of mix comes from Stallone and explosions and those over-the-top inspirational rock songs that grace the greatest action movies. Over the last couple of years, Mad Decent friends Derek “DJA” Allen and DSJ (Dirty South Joe) teamed up to TRAIN FIGHT WIN and created these mind-blowingly essential mixes of action. SO much action, in fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a better soundtrack to some of your favorite games. Everything from especially intense matches of Dota 2 to marathon rounds of Mario Party 1-infinity could require that inspirational feel of an 80s training montage.

DJA’s credits include the lawsuit-baiting beat for Three Loco’s “We Are Farmers” among other high-profile rap. DSJ is a veritable mix-machine, exploring all sorts of genres as you can see by following that SoundCloud link. He posted all three parts of the mix series together in one easy package but I like the art too much so I’ll keep them separate here.

All of the Blood Bros series are for free download! So get out there and WIN!


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