Humans vs. Zombies: Athens to open tonight

hvz banner

Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) Athens is holding its open meeting for the spring game tonight in Morton 201 at 10. Play will commence after the conclusion of the opening meeting with the first mission, followed by 24/7 free play and evening missions until the final mission on April 9.

One of our bloggers, Isaac Noland, wrote this about HvZ in February:

HvZ Athens is an urban gaming experience involving around-the-clock, campus-wide team-based competitive play. Game lengths vary, but are usually over the course of a week or weekend.

HvZ established itself over the past years as an institution at Ohio University.  A strong community and lively online forums help secure hundreds of participants for the 24/7, unique urban gaming experience.”

HvZ Athens is open to students and residents of Athens alike. You can find more information at the offical HvZ Athens website.



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