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Nimloth’s Saga Episode 6: Lightning and Cowardice

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The next installment of Nimloth’s Saga, a series told in first-person by a Dungeons and Dragons (Pathfinder) character.

Warning: Violence follows.

Having entered the basement of the manor, we are almost immediately thrown back into combat. I have stayed back from the group. I am beginning to feel drained, and know that I won’t be able to summon much more fire to fight with today. Instead, faced with yet more of the fleshy demons—lemures—I call to my god, Gozreh, for a weapon. Thoughts of storms linger in my mind, and a burst of static electricity spreads from my chest to my fingertips and toes.

I inhale sharply and electricity crackles in my throat. My hands start to feel slightly heavy as static hums in my fingertips. I focus all of my effort on the feeling, and a few sparks fly from my fingers. Suddenly, a burst of lightning explodes from my hands. I squeeze my eyes shut against the flash of light, and when I open them again, the lightning is still there. It has formed a long trident, and I find that I can wield the bolt with fairly little effort.

I step into the fray and single out a demon. A shower of sparks cascades off the creature as I thrust the lightning bolt into its torso. Nine slices the demon fatally and I glance around. My comrades are fighting the remaining handful of the fiends. I step over to the nearest one, which is engaged with—and distracted by—Harvey. The bolt sparks in anticipation, and I again thrust it into the body of the devil.

My party and I dispatch four more demons similarly. Shortly thereafter, I feel the power of my lightning trident begin to fade. I silently thank Gozreh for the power as it disappears with a pop. My fingers still tingling, I turn to my party. Math opens his mouth to speak, but is interrupted when the double doors across the room fly open with a bang. A booming voice calls out to us from the other room, declaring, “PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DOOM!”

We can see into the room through the wide double-doorway. Black smoke hovers around the feet of a huge demon, which stands in the center of a pentagram painted on the floor. Nine readies his sword as Harvey runs to the wall next to the door and flattens himself against it, effectively hiding himself from the monster. I hesitate, before stepping out of the line of sight of the devil as well. In the moment before Nine charges through the door, we hear heavy footsteps running down the stairs.

Zaithan bursts into the basement where we stand. Zaithan is a righteous—and insufferable—paladin who had fought alongside us a few weeks prior, when we had put a stop to a goblin incursion in Sand Point. Afterwards, he had departed, leaving behind only a farewell note in the night. Nine had taken his place as our seventh member.

Upon seeing the huge demon, Zaithan sprints toward the doorway, shouting back at us, “We’ll have to work together! Follow me!” I see Harvey shake his head furiously as he remains behind the door. Zaithan charges into the room with the demon, sword drawn, and immediately delves into battle. Nine follows suit, hacking at the devil as well. Zaithan takes the brunt of the fiend’s attention, suffering many blows but continuing to attack.

I watch as Tuesday, a few paces away from me, pulls a scroll out of his pack. He rolls it open and suddenly disappears. Azzy, Pan, and I just stay where we are, watching as Zaithan and Nine wail away at the demon. It only takes another thirty seconds of fighting before Nine lands the killing blow on the devil.

Nine instantly turns and lashes out at Zaithan with his sword. Nine bellows, “Nice try, demon!” Zaithan parries his blows and Nine calls out to us, “Kill him!” The rest of the party is dumbstruck.

Zaithan steps away and cries, “What are you doing?” He deflects another thrust of Nine’s sword, roaring, “Stop! What are you doing, brother?”

Get to know Nimloth, the narrator, in episode 1 here and her party in episode two here.

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Stay tuned for Episode 7!

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