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Nimloth’s Saga Episode 2: Meet the Fighters

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The next installment of Nimloth’s Saga, a series told in first-person by a Dungeons and Dragons (Pathfinder) character.

Helen Cothrel,

Shortly after I became a druid, I began to cultivate a fascination with storms. It wasn’t long before I could call mist to my will, but I knew if I wanted to become stronger, I would need to leave the relative security of the forest and find some adventure.

This led me to the city of Adamantine Gate, where I find myself yet again. Initially, I traveled with six companions. The nearby town of Sandpoint had been requesting assistance with a goblin problem, and seven of us had come to Adamantine Gate to answer the call. We lacked organization and skill, but came to tolerate each other, or at least our combined killing power.

Despite our collective inexperience, we handled the goblin problem at Sandpoint with relative ease and returned to Adamantine Gate to look for further work for an adventurous party. I was worried that my less-than-expert performance coupled with my appearance (being half elven, I age more slowly than my human peers, so though I am 23 I look more akin to a human 15-year-old) would get me left behind, but the others either didn’t notice or didn’t care that I was more green than them. Although, one of our party—Zaithan, a pompous, (self) righteous Aasimar with a fixation for Iomodae—did flee our company in the night.

Back in Adamantine Gate, we found work investigating a drug problem the wizards of the university had reported. We were joined by another half-elf who had often performed similar duties for the wizards before. The investigation was straightforward: Pan Twiddle-Dee Frumpton, a gnome with a proclivity for arcana, disguised himself perfectly as a student of the university. We infiltrated the drug-lord’s lair, “cleaned up,” and collected our pay. Myself and five of the others, Pan included, parted from the half-elf and agreed to stay together and try our hand looking for a better-paying job.

That brings me to our current endeavor. We are in The Queen’s Minotaur, an ordinary inn (save for the abundance of small animals scattered about the common room in cages) we found with a bit of poking around the city. By the fireplace of the dining room, Pan dances and occasionally tries to work out something recognizable on his lute. Another of my companions, Tuesday, sits on the floor, his cats’ eyes slowly drooping shut.  His black fur catches bits of flickering firelight as he curls up and dozes off. Quick to draw his bow or burst fearlessly through any unlocked door, Tuesday’s usual vigor is now channeled into miniscule shakes of his hands as he dreams.

Nine, the half-elf we met at the university, chanced to stay at the Minotaur as well. His grey eyes occasionally glint with a fervor mirroring the shine of his expertly crafted sword, which he obsessively sharpens as he sits nearby. We haven’t approached him yet, but some of the others have mentioned trying to persuade him to join us. He proved to be an efficient and capable fighter, and we could use someone with his skill.

Harvey sits further from the fire, purple and black feathers dull in the inn’s relative gloom. He has another name, but it is difficult to remember and he doesn’t seem to mind Harvey. He is in the midst of an animated conversation about hand-to-hand fighting tactics with the woman Aswaithe, and he stops occasionally to scarf down bites of goodness knows what. The final half-elf of our group, Mathghamhain, sits quietly; his tall frame is bent as he whispers inaudible prayers to some deity I’m not familiar with.

As I meditate I feel intermittent surges of power. I find with enough concentration, I can convince sparks to jump between my fingers. Altogether, we try to glean the last bits of warmth from the fire before retiring to our own private rooms. We plan to visit the offices of Councilman Jaal in the morning, whose notice for hired hands at Sandpoint we had answered, and manage to gain the company of Nine yet again.

I’d like to say adventure is on the horizon, but the only thing I can say for certain is I am at least expecting another payday.

Meet Nimloth in Episode 1 here. Keep your eyes peeled for Episode 3 very soon!

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