Have a Nerdtastic, Fantastic February 14th

Cortney Willis,

It’s that time again: it’s cold outside, red and pink are everywhere you look, Hallmark and jewelry store commercials are playing in abundance, and naked babies with arrows threaten to shoot you with the sometimes wonderful, sometimes awful affliction of love.  Whether you’re single or attached, here are 10 nerdy things to do on Valentine’s Day!

  1. Host a couple’s cosplay party. Make it a contest and offer a prize (a gift certificate for Whit’s, maybe) for the best-costumed pair.  There are plenty of nerdy couples to dress up as: Princess Leia and Han Solo from Star Wars, for example, or Ash and Misty from the Pokémon franchise.  If you’re single, grab a buddy and go as a geeky dynamic duo, like a Dalek and Cyberman from Doctor Who (that pair has the added benefit of being able to “exterminate” or “delete” the competing couples that stand in their way).
  2. Love to bake?  Make nerdy cookies! You’ll find plenty of geeky cookie cutters on the internet.  If you’re in a relationship, make Enterprise-shaped cookies for your loved one and tell them they’re the only one with whom you want to explore the Final Frontier.  Single?  Grab some buddies and have a baking party!
  3. As many as half of college students are in long-distance relationships.  It’s difficult to be separated from your paramour on Valentine’s Day, but thanks to technology, you can still spend the day with them!  Cue up your favorite superhero movies on Netflix and watch them together via Skype.
  4. Go stargazing!  Sure, it’s February in Athens and cold as the planet Hoth, but braving the chill is worth the view. Grab your telescope, go to the Front Room for Venti-sized hot chocolates, and see who can name the most constellations!  No access to a telescope?  Stars are just as pretty when seen by the naked eye.
  5. Go to the Athena Grande to see Warm Bodies.  Sure, zombies are all the rage and somewhat overrated these days, but the movie pokes fun at the genre and will make you laugh out loud.  Its zombie protagonist, R, is a bit of a nerd himself, so you’ll likely relate to his plight (minus the whole craving brains for dinner bit).  For bonus nerd points, see who can do a better zombie walk in the parking lot!
  6. Comics and Coffee.  Head to Wizard’s Guild on Washington Street for a day of perusing, then trek down the block for delicious coffee at decadent Donkey!  You never know, Valentine’s Day just might be the lucky day you find that rare issue missing from your Batman collection.
  7. Play Magic: The Gathering!, Yu-Gi-Oh!  or any other card game.  This is an especially good plan for single pals.  Bet candy hearts and laugh your tail end off at their cheesy sayings.
  8. Snuggle up with your sweetie and check out the new Dead Space 3.  There’s no better way to face sure death than in the arms of the one you love!
  9. On a budget?  Break out one of your DVD sets and have a marathon while eating cheap chocolate.  Firefly is a great option; you can watch the entire series in one day!
  10. Take a page from your childhood and pass out kiddie-cards to your friends on February 14th.  Mix up your collection with picks from My Little Pony, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Transformers, and more!


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