Humans versus Zombies to hold public forum, discuss future of game

hvz bannerHumans versus Zombies Athens will host a forum inviting any interested individuals to put forth their opinions on the development of the game at Ohio University. The forum will be held Saturday Feb 9 at 3:00 pm in Morton Hall 235 .

HvZ Athens is an urban gaming experience involving around-the-clock, campus-wide team-based competitive play. Game lengths vary, but are usually over the course of a week or weekend.

HvZ established itself over the past years as an institution at Ohio University.  A strong community and lively online forums help secure hundreds of participants for the 24/7, unique urban gaming experience.

Moderators organize and run each HvZ event. They began as players and through their hard work now hold an administrative role in the community. HvZ moderator Conor Morris says that it is this dedicated community that provides many fresh ideas for new iterations of OU’s game.

“A real visceral experience about the zombie apocalypse requires people to be fully invested.” says Morris. “We want to get people to say this is ‘their game.'”


Read the HvZ Open Forum event page original text below. Interested readers should visit the links above and attend the forum to begin involvement with the HvZ process.

“We will be hosting an open forum so that we can discuss our view of the game and the direction that we want to take it in the future. We would like you to come and listen to what we have to say and share your opinions on the game.”



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