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Reflections on a Nerdy Pastime: Part 2

Blogmaster Helen Cothrel,

With this post, I’ll continue the story of my Humans vs. Zombies experience from this fall. If you haven’t already, check out my post Reflections on a Nerdy Pastime: Part 1!

I only lasted a couple of days as a human, but in HvZ, when you die, the game doesn’t end. Instead, you become a zombie yourself. In that way, getting grabbed by a zombie simply ushers you into the second part of the game. I was “turned” the night of our second mission, and was ready to roam the streets of Athens as a brain-hungry zombie.

The morning following my zombification, I headed up to the main stretch of town (in Athens, Court Street) to meander a bit. I didn’t have class, so I allotted a good chunk of the day to go human-hunting. With my trusty bandanna around my head, I scoured the crowds, looking for a victim. It didn’t take long for me to spot someone, a guy walking with some non-player friends in the opposite direction on the other side of the street.

Diagram of the scenario. No, I am not currently for hire as a graphic designer.

Diagram of the scenario. No, I am not currently for hire as a graphic designer.

I waited for him to pass, hidden by passing cars and other people who were out and about. Once I was out of his field of vision, I cut across the street. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself by running, so I stalked him a bit before closing in. I grabbed his arm, and bingo! Zombified! He was a little disappointed–it was still fairly early on in the game to die–but he was a good sport. I told him to make me proud, then returned to my hunt.

I walked around uptown, ate lunch, and voted early (this was mid-October, so the election was approaching). It was reassuring to know that in case I ever did turn into a zombie in the apocalypse, at least my voting rights would be respected. I didn’t see a lot more action that day until the mission, by which time more potential victims awaited my grasp.

At this point in the game, humans still outnumbered zombies pretty significantly. The admins had to take that into account when designing the mission, which turned out to be an ambush-heavy alley crawl. As zombies, we would find good ambush spots and wait for the humans to approach before launching our attack. We executed this strategy several times, and we managed to pick off a couple humans each time before the barrage of Nerf darts had hit all the zombies. I managed to nab a guy whose gun jammed during a charge, bringing my brain count up to two.

By the end of the mission, we zombies (known collectively as the “horde”) had added a good handful to our number. That night, the horde wandered around uptown and campus a bit, looking for humans who were out for free play.

The next few days were unfortunately mostly filled with classwork for me. We still had missions each night though, most of which involved more charging and “nomming” (i.e., eating brains). The zombie-to-human ratio grew, and became considerably lopsided in favor of the zombies. I kept my eyes open for humans during the day, but not much came of it other than a (failed) stalking on one of the greens.

By the final mission, the number of remaining humans was small, and the mission was designed for maximum human-killage. We ran around on the green like crazy people for a while, though I wasn’t able to partake as much as I would have liked to. I had pulled a muscle during some previous charges and didn’t offer a lot in the way of speed. The horde pretty much finished off the humans, we revelled in our nerdiness together for a bit, and parted ways–but only until the spring game, of course.

So ends my not-so-epic tale of nerdery and zombification. For now.

Thoughts? Questions? Leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Reflections on a Nerdy Pastime: Part 2

    • Yes I’ll be doing it again next semester! The best thing to do is to keep an eye on the website ( They will update it when the spring game approaches. Once you know when the game will be, you really just need to get your hands on a bandanna and a Nerf gun, and show up. It doesn’t hurt to rope in a couple friends, too.


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