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The life and story of the Ridges’ nature trails

By Ryan Powers The Ridges and its surrounding cemeteries have a reputation for being haunted; the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) seeks to change that. Dr. Thomas Walker, Ohio University professor emeritus and NAMI member, headed a project that built the nature trails connecting three cemeteries surrounding the Ridges. The purpose of the trails … Continue reading

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OU prof discusses pharmaceutical drugs, their discovery and approval

By Ryan Powers Drugs, time, money and why citizens should care: these were the topics of Ohio University‘s most recent Science Café. Specifically, the discussion revolved around pharmaceutical drugs, such as how they are discovered and how they are approved for the market. Science Café lectures are held every other Wednesday in the Front Room. The most … Continue reading

Opinion: University justified in replacing Clippinger Laboratories

Opinion: University justified in replacing Clippinger Laboratories

By Austin Linfante Every time I spend time in Clippinger Laboratories for my once-a-week history discussion, I become more and more certain that Ohio University’s decision to close it was absolutely right. Plans announced in September 2013 stated that Clippinger would be demolished by 2020. It would be taken down after the construction of a … Continue reading